Bringing the outside in local library.

We had a huge pleasure to transform this reader’s nook into an oasis for reading, working and playing. In our hectic digital world, people have never needed so much to have a cocoon where to disconnect in privacy. This in mind, we focused on soothing elements through organic shapes and materials of some vintage furniture and carefully thought out colors. Colors were chosen especially for their calming and relaxing effect. Bringing green in a public space gives the feeling of being at home.

Painted oversized flowering plants on the sliding door got their inspiration from an evergreen plant called Linnaea borealis, which is common in North but very rare on the Alps. It got named by swedish botanist, Carl Linnaeus, who felt totally in love with this perfumed species. He spent his lifetime exploring fields and forests, to discover animals, plants and minerals. That’s how our actual system of naming organisms got created. Beside this, he is also considered as a first ecologist of our history.


Magazine corner, the Municipal library of Vevey.

A sweet collaboration with Cargo Culte.