7 SECRETS to know about NANAINEN:


❤ NANAINEN is an alter ego and an inner child of NANA

❤ NANAINEN was born in Lapland, raised by her shaman grandma who knitted her mittens and sewed by hand her “nutukkaat” with the skin of a reindeer’s legs.

❤ NANAINEN wonders and wanders and observes little and big things happening around her.

❤ NANAINEN is pretty allergic to the consumerism and the pollution, she would just like to spend good times with her animal buddies, plant some organic flowers and live in peace.

❤ NANAINEN needs to spend a lot of time alone, in silence to listen to her heart because that’s the only way for her to stay grounded and be real.

❤ NANAINEN prefers being than appearing.

❤ NANAINEN believes in love, without conditions, that universal superpower available to all that makes miracles happen.


NANAINEN has had adventures in numerous finnish magazines since 2011, the year when she won a comic strip competition and still pops up always when needed.